Monday, June 23, 2014

SAVE THE DATE: Rev. Pinkney at FIrst Lutheran July 11!

What: Speech and Rally by Rev. Edward Pinkney
Where: First Lutheran Church, 3500 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago 60647
When: Friday, July 11, 6:30 p.m.

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Contact: Andrew Willis, 773-680-7627,

Persecuted Michigan Faith Leader and Activist to Make a Rare Appearance in Chicago
Despite House Arrest and Pending Trial, Rev. Pinkney to Speak Here

In Benton Harbor, the residents recently managed to recall a mayor they felt was working against their interests, and for the interests of local corporations. The response was swift: the state took control of the city, and prosecutors pressed charges against the leader of the recall effort.

Despite being under house arrest and facing trial in July on trumped-up "voter fraud" charges, Rev. Pinkney will be in Chicago on July 11 to help lead a discussion of what is happening in Benton Harbor and how it relates to developments in Chicago and the rest of the country.

According to John Anthony La Pietra, Elections Coordinator, Green Party of Michigan, “For over a decade, Rev. Pinkney has devoted time and energy to helping individual citizens have a voice in their government and their lives — in Benton Harbor, across Michigan, and around the country."

Faith leaders and activists for racial and economic justice around the country have been following the struggle of people in Benton Harbor, MI. Despite the express wishes of the residents, reflected in a recall election, corporations, developers, and neighboring municipalities have conspired to control the city of Benton Harbor. "They were shocked when the recall went through. Michigan is a test ground. If they see how easy it is to get us, it will soon be coming your way,” said Patsy Heinz, a Benton Harbor resident.

Join the Facebook event and invite friends!