Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tuesday September 23 - "Logan Square for All" Rally

"Rehab the Milshire as Supportive Housing"
"SRO: Support a Rehab Opportunity!"

Delia Ramirez (Humboldt Park United Methodist) and Pastor Erik Christensen
(St. Luke's Lutheran Church Logan Square) speak at the rally for supportive
housing. Community members hold signs that say "Logan Square Para Todos,"
"Logan Square For All," "Rehab the Milshire," and "Support Economic Diversity."

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to this terrific rally (described in further detail below)!

You help help now by:

* Gathering petition signatures.
* Email Alderman Waguespack to thank him for his support:
* Learn more about the issues. (See fact sheet below.)
* Plan to attend upcoming events. (The City Council Housing Committee is likely to hold a special meeting on the SRO * Preservation Ordinance either Monday, October 6, or Tuesday, October 7. We will post details as soon as known.)

Logan Square for all!

Logan Square para todos!


September 24, 2014 - "Milshire Hotel Focus of Affordable Housing Rally in Logan Square" by Darryl Holliday on DNAinfo Chicago: "[Alderman Scott] Waguespack and organizers of the rally said they support an alternative buyer for the Milshire that has promised to keep the longstanding hotel open to low-income residents. Waguespack said his office is in talks with that nonprofit, Renaissance Social Services Inc., to put together a package that could compete with private developers in a bid for the Milshire."

Septmeber 24, 2014 - "Protesters rally to save Logan Square SRO" by William Camargo in The Chicago Reporter: "'Logan Square for all,' a crowd of 100 protesters chanted. 'Logan Square para todos!' . . . "


Rally to rehab the Milshire Hotel SRO
as quality affordable housing!

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 - 6:00 p.m.
Meet at Logan Square Eagle Monument (Kedzie/Milwaukee)
To be followed by march to the hotel, 2525 N. Milwaukee

The City of Chicago is finally taking action to preserve single room occupancy (SRO) buildings, which prevent homelessness. But developer Mark Fishman, who wants to buy the Milshire Hotel, refuses to meet with our community to explain his plans for the building.

Sponsored by:

Logan Square Neighborhood Association
Logan Square EcumenicalAlliance
We Are / Somos Logan Square
Chicago For All
Milshire Tenants Union

For more info, call John at LSNA, (773) 384-4370

Twitter hashtags: #LoganSquareforAll #Milshire


¡Luchamos para renovar el hotel Milshire
como decente vivienda económica!

MARTES, 23 de SEPTIEMBRE 6:00 pm.
Monumento del Águila (la Milwaukee, la Kedzie y la Logan)

La Ciudad de Chicago está accionando para preservar los hoteles residenciales, que impiden que muchas personas están sin hogar. Pero el constructor Mark Fishman, quien quiere comprar el Milshire Hotel, rechaza a reunirse con nosotros para explicar sus planes para el edificio.

Patrocinado por:

Logan Square Neighborhood Association
Logan Square EcumenicalAlliance
We Are / Somos Logan Square
Chicago For All
Milshire Tenants Union

Para más información, llame a John en (773) 384-4370

Twitter hashtags: #LoganSquareforAll #Milshire

The Milshire Hotel, Supportive Housing and the effort to preserve Chicago’s SRO (single room occupancy) building

What’s happening at the Milshire Hotel?

The Milshire Hotel's long-time owner, Art Fischoff, announced his decision to close the hotel, located at 2525 N. Milwaukee, in late April. In early September, 18 Milshire households moved out of the hotel, receiving relocation assistance under a settlement that they negotiated through their tenants union, with help from the Lawyers Committee for Better Housing and several local organizations and leaders. Several tenants who were not part of the settlement are still living in the building.

Developer Mark Fishman still appears poised to buy the Milshire from Fischoff. Fischoff and Fishman have declined to meet with community organizations. Fischoff has also not replied to a letter from Alderman Scott Waguespack.

What is ‘Supportive Housing’? What would it mean for the Milshire?

Supportive housing targets people who are steadily working their way out of homelessness. It combines affordable apartments with on-site social services. In several cases, for-profit SROs have been renovated into non-profit supportive housing. Rehabbing the Milshire as affordable supportive housing would mean converting its 78 small rooms into roughly 35 high-quality apartments, each with its own bathroom. The building would be completely renovated, the quality of management would improve and rents would likely go down, allowing tenants to save more of their incomes. And the Milshire’s location would give its residents excellent access to rapid transit, community services and a wide variety of job opportunities.

Renaissance Social Services, Inc., which manages several buildings in and near Logan Square, is ready to purchase and rehab the Milshire as affordable, supportive housing if the building is put on the market.

Why is the City considering an SRO Preservation Ordinance?

SROs provide an alternative to homelessness for thousands of Chicagoans. But over the last several years, many of these buildings have been lost in conversions to upscale housing. The threat to single-room-occupancy (SRO) buildings like the Milshire was demonstrated earlier this month with the sale of the 66-unit North Hotel, 1622 N. California, to Flats Chicago, which specializes in converting SROs to upscale housing.

In September 2014, Mayor Emanuel reached an agreement with the Chicago For All Campaign and a group of Aldermanic sponsors on a "Single-Room Occupancy (SRO) and Residential Hotel Preservation Ordinance," which the Mayor introduced into City Council on Sept. 10. It's also known as the Chicago For All Ordinance.

The ordinance would require purchasers of SRO buildings to make at least 20 percent of their units affordable to low- or very low-income tenants – or pay a significant fee into a fund for supportive housing development. The City Council is currently considering the ordinance. One this is clear – we’ll need strong leadership by our community and our public officials to ensure that the Milshire is preserved.

Community petition drive (online & in person):

We’re collecting signatures from residents of greater Logan Square to demonstrate the widespread community support for rehabbing the Milshire as 100% quality, affordable supportive housing.

The petition is available online at If you’d like to gather signatures on paper in your organization, church or school, let us know; we can send you the petition form in English and Spanish.

For more information – or to get involved – contact John at the Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA) -

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