Wednesday, February 11, 2015

LSEA supports Parents for Peace & Justice

February 8 - Community gathering with Parents for Peace & Justice
HPUM pastor Rev. Paula Cripps-Vallejo and other community leaders.

Rev. Paula Cripps-Vallejo, pastor of LSEA member congregation Humboldt Park United Methodist, writes:

"On Sunday evening (February 8th) I was honored to gather with Parents for Peace & Justice (parents whose children have fallen victim to senseless violence here in Chicago), interfaith leaders from throughout Chicago, the District 14 Police Commissioner, and other amazing community folks. We are working together for reforms in education, an end to poverty and racism, and all the root causes of the violence that plagues our city. Keep us in your prayers and walk with us!"

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Logan Square Ecumenical Alliance's second annual Palm Sunday gathering, in 2013, was focused on all the ways we can work for justice and against violence in our community.

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